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mikes group 5 320

Mike Delmont’s Group 5 320 Turbo

Owner: Mike Delmont

Model: Group 5 BMW 320i

Location: Unfortunatley this beauty has shifted abroad

Horse Power: Reputedly about 900 hp

Other Information:

Unfortunately Mike has sold this beauty, and it has now left New Zealand for adventures abroad.

This extremely rare car is one of only a handful in existence today.

David Hobbs is reputedly one of the worlds best drivers. He is believed to have won nine titles in one of these rockets.

This car features:

A brand new Getrag 5 speed gearbox specially built and up rated by the Getrag Factory.

Completely rebuilt engine, run in and tuned on the Dyno, with virtually no work since the rebuild.

A very rare aluminium diff with a spool.

Original BBS rims with central spin offs.  12 x 16 inch at the front with 23.5 x 12.5 x 16 tires and 12 x 19 inch at the rear with 27.5 x 13.5 x 19 tires.

2 extra complete sets of BBS wheels and tires.

Built in air jacks.

Spares include:

Rear left and right guards

Front left and right guards

Front spoiler

F2 block with turbo design sleeves

Various pistons and rods

Head which is cracked but repairable

Pair of new camshafts( unused)

Kugelfischer Fuel Pump with boost enrichment control unit

Light weight starter

Magnesium front cover with integrally mounted water pump.

Front intermediate plate with oil pump

Dry sump oil pump

Magnesium oil pan for dry sump complete with tubing and connectors.

3 sets Ferodo DS11 front race pads

3 sets Ferodo DS11 rear race pads

Complete aluminium differential unit with aluminium drive flanges.

2 x AP double disc clutch/flywheel assemblies in used condition.

Many other spares encompassing used engine parts: seals, gaskets, valves, springs, retainers, collets, tappets, buckets,f uel injection lines, hoses, turbo parts, electronic ignition box, Aeroquip fittings and lines and many more, too numerous to list.



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